We all know that losing weight can be extremely difficult and with so many factors at play. It can be hard to know what to focus on these days with so much information everywhere. Given that age, gender, genetic makeup, metabolism, micro biome makeup, hormones, and activity levels all play their part. There is unfortunately no one size fits all diet or eating plan out there. So, I have compiled a simple nutrition guide to have your best year yet!

Benefits of following this simple nutrition guide

I guarantee you that you will see results and feel more energised, healthy and positive about life. I will be honest, if you follow the below guidance CONSISTENTLY for a period of time, it will impact your life. The below information has worked for me and my clients and continues to do so. So try implementing the ones that make sense to you, or otherwise try them all. Food nourishes the soul.

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

Arabian Proverb

Ugly Oils

One of the biggest and most underemphasised causes of inflammation in today’s society is rancid vegetable oils. This happens when an oil is exposed to high temperature or high pressure. Polyunsaturated fats, such as canola, safflower, peanut and sunflower oil are especially prone to becoming rancid and oxidised. Yet these oils are unfortunately used by most restaurants, fast food chains and food stores to prepare food. Think french fries, potato chips, pies, store bought salad dressings, and most pre-packaged home meals. That’s why this is number one in my simple nutrition guide, because we are exposed to it everywhere.

These oils promote the production of toxic substances in your arteries, which in turn promotes chronic inflammation throughout your body. Another issue is that every living cell in your body has a membrane. It allows compounds to move in and out of that cell in order for it to function properly. These membranes are primarily formed from the fats you eat. So the more damaged fats you consume. The more these fats get incorporated into the building blocks of your cell membranes. When your cells are constantly inflamed they cannot function optimally. Meaning potential weight gain, disrupted hormone function and long term chronic inflammation. Hence the saying “you are what you eat”.

How To Take Action:

  • Cut out all fried foods unless you are cooking at home. Where you are able to use decent quality oils with a high smoke point.
  • Learn to read labels as these oils are hidden in almost all packaged foods no matter where you shop. The fact is that the less of these oils you eat the better your body will function.

Sinister Sugar

Sugar like vegetable oils, can be found in almost everything you eat today. The average America consumes almost 334 kilograms of sugar today, compared to 5 kilograms some two hundred years ago. Sugar causes a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. When that happens, your body has two choices:

  • either move the excess sugar into your muscles and liver, or
  • store it as body fat.

So if your energy expenditure for the day is not high enough to convert blood sugar into potential energy, which is the case for most of us living a sedentary lifestyle, you are going to gain fat tissue. But not only does excess sugar make you fat, it is extremely destructive to you cells, organs and tissues in large amounts.

How To Take Action:

  • Learn to read labels and try cut out as much processed sugar as possible. Anything that ends in “OSE” will likely be sugar in some form or another. Some of the most popular sugars that food manufactures use are: Fructose (fruit Sugar), Sucrose (table Sugar), Maltose (malt Sugar), Lactose (milk Sugar), Glucose and Corn Syrup.
  • Limit all sugary drinks including; fruit juices, sports drinks and all soft drinks. These drinks lack fibre to slow the sugar uptake down. Meaning that the Coke or Monster energy drink you consume has more chance of being stored as fat. Which is then the same as eating a big old hamburger. Even zero calorie drinks made with artificial sweeteners have been found to act the same way. And also raise blood sugar levels. So they can trick you with their marketing, but they can’t trick your brain.

Alcohol Alibis

We all love a good drink, and it’s part of almost every social occasion. Which makes it extremely hard to escape. The issue is that alcohol raises your blood sugar level faster than almost any other food out there. Alcohol also stimulates your hormonal system resulting in massive insulin spikes. Which turns sugar from those boozy lunches directly into fat. Alcohol also increases your cravings for sugar. If you are like me, this opens the door to decadent desserts and late night ice cream binges.

How To Take Action:

  • Eliminate alcohol for 30 days and notice how good you feel.
  • If that is too drastic, try limiting it to the weekends. Even then cut it down to 2 to 3 units. Discipline here will make you feel great about yourself and that will impact all areas of your life positively.

Gluten Gangbusters

Gluten and other processed flours can cause serious inflammation and gastrointestinal distress, not to mention massive blood sugar spikes. Processed flours have also been known to contribute to autoimmune disease, as well as a host of other diseases. Studies suggest that certain proteins in gluten bind to cells in our digestive system. Which causes gaps in our intestinal walls. When these gaps open up after eating gluten; bacteria, undigested food and toxins are able to move through these gaps straight into your bloodstream. This causes a whole host of issues for your immune system. This is one of the reasons why so many people are experiencing chronic inflammation and sickness today. Unfortunately, this means most pizza, pasta and processed bread will have to go out the window. If you are serious about your longevity and health, then it will be worth the sacrifice.

How To Take Action:

  • Eat these foods as occasional treats. And if you are having a pizza, order a large salad with it. Eat half the pizza and give the other half to someone in need on your way home.
  • Pizza or bread that is made from sourdough is also a great alternative. It has most of the gluten removed, due to its fermentation process.
  • When eating pasta use alternative vegetable products. Like cauliflower or spinach pasta that have a low caloric content but still taste really good.

Fantastic Fats

Eating good quality fats are critical to your long term health. Fats help promote weight loss and has been associated with a decrease in overall body weight and blood triglyceride levels. It has a range of great benefits:

  • protects your body
  • promote proper cell functioning
  • support the release of fat-burning hormones
  • aid in the absorption of key vitamins and minerals.

Fats also keep you feeling fuller for longer so when you cut out fat from your diet, you start craving sugar as an alternative energy source.

How To Take Action:

  • Include good fats such as avocados, olive oil, nuts, coconut oil, eggs, and oily fish with every meal. This will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Simple nutrition guide word of caution: fat is extremely energy dense so portion control does matter. If you are not seeing results. Then cut back slightly on fat consumption until you have reached your goal.

Dreary Dairy

Avoiding commercial dairy and cheese as much as possible will be one of the best decisions you can make. Much of the dairy we consume today is pumped with hormones and allergens. This causes inflammation resulting in excess mucous, asthma, skin disorders, IBS, and depression. Pasteurisation also destroys most vitamins and turns lactose sugars into beta-lactose sugars. Which the body absorbs far quicker resulting in blood sugar spikes.

How To Take Action:

  • If you are going to consume dairy think pasture raised organic and raw.
  • Consume products such as full fat yogurt and Kefir for their probiotic effect.
  • Goats cheese products are also a great option.

Vibrant Veggies

It goes without saying that vegetables should be the staple in everyone’s diet. Cruciferous vegetables are particularly beneficial as they are low calorie, high in fibre, and rich in vitamins. They are also good sources of phytonutrients. Which are plant-based compounds that may help lower inflammation and potentially reduce the risk of developing cancer.

How To Take Action:

  • Make dark leafy greens and other low calorie vegetables your main carbohydrate source. Especially on days when you are not exercising. Because of their fibre content they will also keep you feeling fuller for longer

Qualitative Quantity

Have you ever heard of the saying “quality over quantity”. Well that is as true for food as for anything else in life. A range of toxins have found their way into the food we eat on a daily basis. Like environmental toxins, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and heavy metals, to name only a few. This makes choosing quality food more important than ever. And why this is such an important topic to cover in this simple nutrition guide. If you don’t know which ingredients you are eating or where your food came from. You are setting yourself up for failure.

Obviously this is not always possible, but the whole Pareto’s 80/20 principle definitely applies here. Just do you best. Eat organic, grass fed and grass finished, and wild caught as much as possible. Buy your meat and produce from local farmers. This way you know you are supporting people who care about you and the environment and you are eating animals that have been humanely raised, whilst living a good life.

How To Take Action:

  • Choose quality food over quantity and be amazed at how satisfied you actually feel.
  • One of the best investments you can ever make in yourself is learning how to cook delicious, nutritious food. Your body will thank you and your family will love you.
  • Be mindful of how much you eat. And always try consume food at the time when you need the energy the most. Eating heavy meals just before going to bed is a bad idea that will affect not only your sleep.

Wonderful Water

What will a simple nutrition guide be without water? It goes without saying that we should probably all consume more water. Every single cell within our bodies uses water in order to function properly. Water can also significantly affects on your body:

  • energy levels and brain function
  • regulate body temperature
  • boost skin health
  • improve digestion
  • help maintain blood pressure.

Without water we cannot survive so do your best to pay attention to this very important yet often over-looked function.

How To Take Action:

  • Try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
  • Often we are not actually hungry but thirsty, from the food we eat that can dehydrate us. Next time you are feeling hungry. Have a glass of water first. This will help you to gauge how hungry you are.

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What if this simple nutrition guide is still overwhelming

If you’re still feeling totally overwhelmed by all the information in this simple nutrition guide. Then I am here to help you on this journey. Assisting and guiding you in figuring out exactly what YOUR body needs to thrive. You can kickstart your journey to optimal health. And the best part is that it takes the guessing out of the equation.

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I am not a medical doctor or registered dietician. I am just a normal guy trying to share information on what has worked for me and my clients over the years. Always check with your doctor before making any radical fitness or nutritional changes. The author and this blog disclaim liability for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in the information and ideas provided above.

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