How you can work with me


You can work with me in a variety of ways, depending on your personal preference and budget. I work with clients 1:1 on a once off, or monthly basis, where you get the benefit of me coaching you every step of the way.

I also host Health Challenges a few times during the year, where you can benefit from the group dynamics of going through the Challenge with other like-minded people.

Challenge Yourself 1.0 was an incredibly uplifting 8 weeks, filled with daily knowledge bombs, nutrition tips and high-intensity workouts! Through Brett’s guidance, as well as the camaraderie of 20 like-minded individuals, I have been able to make some important changes to my daily routine that have led to incredible results in a few short months!
Brett’s philosophy on nutrition and exercise has enabled me to better understand what my body requires in order to feel more energised & happy. You can tell that Brett sincerely loves what he does and wants to help you achieve your personal wellness goals.

Andrew Parker

I’m in really in a great space after doing Challenge Yourself, especially my energy levels and a sense of control and understanding to maintain and improve my health moving forward.
I think the best part of the challenge was finally seeing the bigger picture of how to put together the healthiest long term lifestyle. Along with it being sustainable and easy to implement.
Brett has the ability to take confusing fitness language and make it simple and fun, and somehow managed to build a community around the process too. This has been a true life changing experience for me. I will be back for the next one!

Allister Kreft

Brett has been remarkable!!! I have made changes to my lifestyle - that have not impacted on my home life (wife and twins - a pre requisite) and the results have been AMAZING!! Thank you Brett for educating me and explaining that if I get everything right 80% of the time - it’s alright!!!

Charles Brits

I joined Brett’s first challenge, and being quite a fit guy to start with, I was looking for something more to really take my fitness and nutrition to the next level. Brett is truly an inspiration and lives what he preaches. His knowledge on fitness, nutrition and optimising your unique DNA is what sets him apart from other guys. Everything he teaches is simplified and easy to understand and do-able in real life! I would recommend him to anyone as a fitness coach.

Marius Kotze

I’m 53 years old and for the past few years this menopausal body has not been able to lose weight no matter what I do – it has been very depressing and disheartening.

When Brett introduced his couples challenge and assured us we would feel better, be healthier, and lose weight, it sounded too good to be true. During the 7 week challenge, I based my food choices on Brett’s programme, and I did the exercise program religiously regardless of where I was – 15 minutes twice a week is not a tough commitment.

Imagine our delight when Nick and I won the challenge and lost a combined 11kg – 5 of them being mine. We both feel great on the programme, and are able to adapt it to fit into our lives. I cannot endorse this programme highly enough – it is stunning to fit into my thin clothes again, and the healthier food choices have made us both feel a lot better every day – more energy and more focus.

Lara Warburton

Brett’s approach is thoroughly thought through and based on real fundamentals and lots of very applied thinking and techniques. What I found really helpful is that he’s done all the difficult work of figuring out how to get and stay healthy and cuts a very clear approach through the mental, emotional and psychological facets. I lost 5kg of the 10kg I planned to lose in the first two weeks. During the whole time I felt like I had more energy and never felt deprived.

His approach enables you to be mindful about your approach and filled with really effective hacks that make it easy to achieve your goals.


Let me help you,

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